iQVCloud consists of a talented team of International Research and Development Security experts and “White Hat” hackers with a vision of creating a company to be a leading provider of secure encryption systems and technology.  The Company’s main focus is the protection and authorization of all forms of data, including consumer’s personal and credit card information, proprietary corporate information, unauthorized email viewing or intrusion website information protection, database security, protection of digital literature rights and protection of all forms of digital media.


Many of the world’s leading organizations requiring the highest level of online security from Corporations, Banks, Government agencies and Utilities to the U.S. Armed Forces are candidates to use iQVCloud service to speed transaction processing and protect their information assets from external and internal security risks. The Company’s products are particularly well-suited to e-businesses with high volumes of security-sensitive transactions, such as banking and financial institutions, e-retailers and online service providers and Government Agencies.